Internships & Volunteerism

Internship Opportunities for Class Credit

The Criminal Justice Department offers three types of internships.

The Field Experience in Criminal Justice (CJUS-X477) allows you to bring content knowledge to a real-world setting. Our Internship Coordinator will pair you with local and state organizations such as the following:

  • Court Administrator’s Office
  • Monroe County Jail Transition Program
  • Probation Department
  • Prosecutor’s Office
  • Public Defender
  • Middle Way House
  • Brown County Probation
  • New Hope Shelter
  • Community Justice and Mediation Center (CJAM)

You can also arrange your own internship with other organizations in Bloomington, the state, or the nation. Either way, you can earn 3-6 credits in the CJUS major.

Submit your Internship Application online. Application requires a file upload of a brief statement about why you are interested in an internship. Include what you hope to gain from the experience and any plans you have following graduation.

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