Doctoral Degree

Use your Academic Bulletin

Students pursuing a graduate degree in Criminal Justice should use the University Graduate School Academic Bulletin.

Official requirements for our graduate degrees can be found by clicking on the Bulletin below. Use the tab for Programs by Campus to search for Criminal Justice specific information.

2023-24: University Graduate School Bulletin (under review)

2022-23: University Graduate School Bulletin

2021-22: University Graduate School Bulletin

2020-21: University Graduate School Bulletin

2019-20: University Graduate School Bulletin

2018-19: University Graduate School Bulletin

2017-18: University Graduate School Bulletin

2016-17: University Graduate School Bulletin

Visit the Academic Bulletins website to find all Indiana University Bloomington Bulletins. You must scroll to the bottom of the page for University Graduate School Bulletins.

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Duties and Responsibilities

  • The academic advisory committee and student should plan, develop, and review a plan of study which will provide course work that fulfills departmental requirements and provides comprehensive professional training.
  • At a minimum, students will meet with their advisory committees annually to review the student’s academic progress toward the degree.
  • Students must petition for course approval or transfer of credit through their advisory committees. Students may not petition to waive, transfer, or substitute any of the core proseminars. The student’s advisory committee may approve courses other than those on the approved list of courses for credit toward the Ph.D. in Criminal Justice; however, transfer of graduate credits must be forwarded to the Director of Graduate Studies for approval. Final approval of transfer credit rests with the University Graduate School.
  • The burden is on the student to demonstrate why the course or transfer of credit should be allowed.
  • The chairperson of the student’s advisory committee is responsible for signing all required forms.
  • Final responsibility for course selection and the meeting of departmental and University Graduate School requirements resides with the student.