Fascinating inquiry + Practical applications

Why choose criminal justice? When you look at the relationship between law, and society your work has both theoretical and practical applications. The study of criminal justice is relevant to careers in government, academia, and the private sector.

You might go into police work, forensics, psychology, or law. Study the relationships among race, class, and gender, the psychology of criminal deviance, and the administration of criminal justice. Become an advocate and an expert about the law and children, teenagers, prisoners, or victims of crime.

Explore these topics in an atmosphere of interdisciplinary debate, where fellow students and faculty mentors vigorously explore various points of view.

Wherever your eventual career path takes you, you’ll know it is vital to society and to the individuals you protect, defend, prosecute, or represent.

Compelling cross-cultural + interdisciplinary courses

Our faculty has expertise in many fields, including anthropology, developmental science, law, political science, psychology, public health, and sociology. They conduct research in the United States and abroad, contributing to new and emerging areas of inquiry. Faculty mentors provide you with the theoretical and methodological skills needed to succeed in the field.

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