Criminal Justice B.A. + M.A. (4+1 Pathway)

A path to your master’s degree

Our Criminal Justice 4+1 College Pathway program allows you to complete both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree consecutively, allowing you to obtain your graduate degree in a shorter amount of time than the traditional route. The program is flexibly designed for students with a variety of ambitions that require or prefer master’s degrees, such as those seeking:

  • positions in governmental or non-profit research organizations related to criminal justice;
  • promotions or advanced positions (e.g., “special agent”) in law enforcement;
  • graduate training and an advanced degree to augment graduate or law school applications.

You may apply to our 4+1 Pathway program in your sophomore year (although rare exceptions might be made for more advanced students who are otherwise “on track” to complete the pathway). Those seeking applied positions in criminal justice may wish to combine related coursework and practical experiences with the “substantial paper” option, whereas those interested in pursuing further graduate studies at another institution may wish to pursue the more traditional “thesis” option. The Directors of Undergraduate Studies and Graduate Studies (DUS and DGS) will work closely with you to ensure that the program meets your career and academic goals.