Adam Ghazi-Tehrani, G. Smith
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About the book:  Smishing

A definitive resource for understanding such far-reaching and often interconnected crimes as cyber theft, drug trafficking, human smuggling, identity theft, wildlife poaching, and sex tourism.

While many international corporations have benefited from the global economy and distribution of information, globalization has also had serious negative consequences. This important reference work offers students and general readers a critical understanding of how technology, governments, political unrest, war, and economic strife contribute to an increase in global crime.

This A–Z encyclopedia covers key people, events, and organizations and includes key documents that will help readers to understand the numerous problems created by the many transnational crimes that are growing in severity and frequency around the world. Entries address perpetrators and their methods; victims; who really profits; and law enforcement responses. In addition to cyber theft and sales of weapons and narcotics, the set provides a detailed look at global crimes not typically covered, such as corruption, fraudulent medicine, illegal sports betting, organ trafficking, maritime piracy, trafficking in cultural property, and wildlife and forest crime. Although some historical events and people are included, the focus is on recent and contemporary topics.


Ghazi-Tehrani, A. & Smith, G. (2018). Smishing.  In Phil Reichel (Ed.) Global Crime: An Encyclopedia of cyber Theft. Drug Smuggling, Human Traficking, Weapons Sales, and Other Illicit International Activities.  Amsterdam, Netherlands: ABC-CLIO.