Pick Your Poison: Examining Adolescent Substance Use through Opportunity Theory

Molly Block, Kristin Swartz, Allen Copenhaver
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The present study examines substance use behaviors of middle and high school students, focusing on how varying influences of opportunity measures impact use of specific types of substances. The data used in the present study come from almost 4,000 students within 89 school contexts from students attending public school in a Southern state. Hierarchical logistic modeling is used to explore the influence of various opportunities at both the student and school levels on the use of different types of substances. Results indicate measures of opportunity at both the student and school levels were significant; however, measures at the individual level were consistently more influential.


Block, M.M., Swartz, K, Copenhaver, A. (2016). Pick your poison: Examining Adolescent
Substance Use Through Opportunity Theory. Deviant Behavior. doi: 10.1080/01639625.2018.1429048