About Bloomington

A college town often referred to as an oasis

There is something special about going to graduate school in Bloomington. The campus consistently is rated as one of the most beautiful in the nation; you can take a virtual tour to see for yourself.

While Bloomington is a quintessential college town, located in the rolling green hills of southern Indiana, the city also offers a host of big-city experiences. The Arts are especially strong here, as IU boasts one of the top music schools in the world, hosting more than 1,000 performances per year. It also boasts a great theatre department, a remarkable art museum, and open air markets and festivals.

There are three lakes in Monroe County; miles of scenic hiking, running and bicycling trails; and numerous excellent restaurants and wineries. Our location offers easy access to Midwestern urban centers such as Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, St. Louis, and Cincinnati.

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Farmers Market
Grunwald Museum of Indiana University
Grunwald Gallery of Indiana University