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A Ph.D. in criminal justice has never been more relevant or compelling. Whether you are studying the nature and causes of crime, the administration of civil and criminal justice, or the relationship between law and society, the work you do will take you in profound and path-breaking directions.

Graduates of our department go on to careers in academia, government, and the private sector.

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Laura Roush

Laura Roush

graduate student

I needed to be part of a cohesive community, both on and off a college campus, but am not suited for a bustling city. Bloomington seemed a reasonable solution and, once I laid feet on the campus and interacted with the people here, I was enthralled. Regarding the program, it was hands down the eclectic, interdisciplinary approach--including the opportunity to seek a minor at the graduate level—that sold me.

Joshua Ellsworth

Joshua T. Ellsworth

graduate student

I enjoy the freedom that Criminal Justice doctoral students have to create their own unique graduate education. There are Criminal Justice courses in theory, as well as qualitative and quantitative methods that are universal graduate level courses that all CJ doctoral students will complete; however, much of their graduate credit hours can be applied to courses, readings, and research projects that specifically apply to your education, allowing the doctoral student to mold their courses to their own personal academic and research areas of interests.

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With over 70 College departments and programs to choose from, your graduate studies deepen your expertise across many fields. Issues of criminal justice are embedded within sociology, psychology, political science, anthropology, and many other fields: you make the links and forge the connections.

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